Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Visit Coatingthickness.com.au for best gauge

Do you need the latest model of coating thickness gauge that is not available anywhere else yet? Just log on to coatingthickness.com.au to find a whole range of coating thickness gauges. For the biggest range of genuine measuring and testing equipment, instruments and devices for specific requirements, Test Equip is the only name you can trust in the country.

Coating thickness

Coatingthickness.com.au maintains a stock of the largest collection of coating thickness gauges in the country. The company provides the latest models of the gauge as well. Coating thickness gauge is a measuring device used to measure the coating thickness of a coated substance, whether ferrous or non-ferrous. The gauge is mainly used industrially to measure the coating thickness of substances that include,

·         Dry paint
·         Plastic
·         Zinc
·         Chrome
·         Powder coating
·         Galvanizing, etc

Coatingthickness.com.au sells coating thickness gauges at prices that are lower than that of the market value. This is because Test Equip partners with local manufacturers. The company also teams up with overseas manufacturers and is hence able to provide the customers with products of globally leading brands. One can browse through the numerous options available at coatingthickness.com.au and choose the best one as required. 

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